We produce practical and compact soap from coffee grounds

Without this drink the start of the day would be unthinkable for some: the coffee.
Millions of cups of it are drunken every day. But what happens after the enjoyment experience? The coffee ground lands mostly in the garbage and represents with annual 20 million tons of a large waste load. It is very valuable, because the antioxidants contained demonstrate proven positive effects in the body. In addition, the caffeine provides an energy boost.
We want to control this environmental impact by reusing the coffee grounds as a natural exfoliant in our soap. In addition, we refrain in our recipe on the use of palm oil, so our coffee soap is in harmony with nature.
Our coffee soap is vegan.
Our coffee soap promisses by the contained coffee grounds a natural peeling effect without the use of microplastics, so that your skin is vitalized and deeply cleaned.