Radio Gong

Coincidentally, Mr. Behyl discovered our coffee grounds soap in one of his coffee breaks in a coffee roasting shop, which was recently offered for sale there. He had never seen this product before and had never heard of it, probably because it was only recently produced in this form. He asked the sales assistant and she referred to our student company “seif your life” of the Klara- Oppenheimer-school in Würzburg who manufactures and sells this product. Mr. Beyhl, who works as editor-in-chief at the local radio station “Radio Gong”, had the idea to introduce this product in his program and thus to support the student company. So he wrote us an e-mail and asked if we would like to introduce our product to the radio and to tell something about it. What a question. Of course, we wanted. So we made an appointment in the coming week. Of course, we all wanted to see and hear a broadcasting studio from the inside when a broadcast was recorded live, so on October 24th, 2018, we set off for the city center to Radio Gong. There we were welcomed friendly and we got a small exclusive tour of the radio station. Our two managing directors Max S. and Larissa P. conducted the interview in a small soundproof room. We were allowed to listen but had to be very quiet. In short, they talked about our idea, our product, and our plans for the future (the audio below is the conversation as it went on the radio). The conversation would still be reviewed and cut and then as it is repeatedly inserted into the broadcast program. We were all very curious how it had turned out and how it would appeal to the citizens of Würzburg. Radio Gong got 10 soaps from us, which they raffled online to listeners and asked for an honest evaluation. Overall, our “appearance” at Radio Gong was very well received and was a good advertisement.

Report about our radio visit at “Radio Gong”

Student company thinks practically: Schuchardt as a symbolic business partner

To collect practically experiences of a company, with a practical product – with this main idea there is now a new established student company at the Klara-Oppenheimer-school. On our way to an economist for foods and supply management, the class of Beate Neuhaus-Krevert turns over BWL-books and tries to be successful on the market. It is remarkable what has already been developed in a few weeks.  This also aroused the interest of the mayor Christian Schuchardt of Wurzburg. On a Facebook-page with high quality photos and an appealing logo you can learn already a lot about “seif your life”. It isn’t meant the literally translated German word „Säbeldüne” how people with a big English vocabulary could think, it is a soap with special properties. The “coffee grounds soap” heeded an old kitchen trick, from the knowledge of the grandmother, that ground beans neutralize annoying odors at the fridge or on other places. The start-up packed this idea to a dermatology tested case, consists of natural and vegan ingredients. In the inside of the soap there are the remnants of the brewed coffee, not microplastics. Upcycling is the modern keyword.

The concept of the students in the second year of training has already confident some major customers and retailer. Big hotel chains have registered interest like the coffee manufactory at the Spiegelstraße, the coffee shop Martinelli at the Schustergasse or the “Naturkaufhaus” at the Rückermainstraße. The soap should sold for 3,95€ on retail trades. A seed money for the student company is needed before they can earn money. Also, the mayor bought one and gave the students an insight in the founder scene of Würzburg at their visit in the town hall, he also named the main contact persons of the city council. One more popularity boost the student team and the managing directors Larissa Pfister and Max Seemann expect from the student company competitions. The Klara-Oppenheimer-Schule let the federal level set up with the project “Pimp my taste” in the past.