Hotel Sheraton

Our biggest order is now from a big hotel chain in Germany. Our teacher met an employee from the “Sheraton” Hotel in Düsseldorf by chance. She told him about our nice product, the coffee grounds soap. Mr. Langemeyer was interested in our idea and wanted to take our soap as a present for his special guests. After an arrangement with his supervisor, he ordered 270 soaps. We couldn’t send this many soap by post, so Lukes S. (administration) said he could drive to Düsseldorf by train and give them our soap. We packed the soap in a big bag and cushioned it to prevent that they are not damaged. Lukes drove to Düsseldorf and handed over the soap. He told Mr. Langemeyer about our student company and our aims while they were eating. The soap they gave away to their guests arrived well and they were happy for it.