cooperation partners

Mainfränkische Werkstätten

The “Mainfränkische Werkstätten GmbH” is a community in which various life support clubs have joined together in the area. There are currently about 2000 employees of which 1300 employees have a mental or physical disability. We wanted to support this company and work together with their employees to produce jute bags for packaging our soap. Daniela V. and Madlen S. together with four of the employees with disabilities processed the cut fabrics. They prepared them together and sewed the fabrics into sacks. These are used in the competitions as packaging for the soaps.

ReVital Manufactory

Revital fragrance and enjoyment Naturseifenmanufaktur is a small business of the couple Hansel which is located in the Rottendorferstr. 15 in Würzburg. They make their own soaps and sell them in their little shop. After we came up with the idea of ​​coffee soap, we thought about how best to make it. To be able to sell the soap you had to test it first and have it certified to be allowed to sell it. This is not exactly cheap. Isabel S. from our finance department has long been friends with the Hansel couple and decided to ask them if they would support our project. They found the idea and the product very interesting and wanted to help us. So, they made the raw blocks of the soap in their designated and tested rooms and cut them into the individual 100g pieces. Afterwards they would be bought by us and processed further.