JUNIOR Messe Regensburg

As every year the JUNIOR fair found place at the Arcaden of Regensburg on the 14th of March 2019. To make our product popular and gain experiences for the state competition in München, we decided to create a booth there. We began with the preparations early. We had to prepare the booth, a Jury interview and a stage presentation. Different paraphernalia were created, texts were learned by heart and the fast and sure construction was practiced. Nothing should go wrong.

We got going early to Regensburg on Thursday the 14th March 2019. Equal we prepared our booth at the Arcaden and ogled our competitors. There were socks collectors and marble mugs or even a website as student companies. The competitors were strong. No question. We informed visitors who were interested in our idea and we could sell 20 soaps as well. We could also talk to a radio interviewer of the radio charivari. Our idea arrived very well and was received enthusiastically. Both the jury interview and the stage spot were very good. After we degraded our booth, we got home tired but very happy about the day and the experiences we earned.