The commission sales

In order to further disseminates and offer our product in Würzburg we decided to ask a few small branches and shops if they would be interested in our product on commission (the goods are sold and we get 3,95 € from the shop. Shops only make a profit if they sell the soap themselves more expensive). Many thought the idea was great and because the profit would be donated to a good cause in the area they wanted to support us. Today the soap can be found in the following shops in Würzburg: “Naturkaufhaus”,”Kaffeerösterei Röstfreunde “, “Café Rudowitz”, “Wohnzimmer”,”Barossi”, “Kaffeemanufaktur”, “Edeka Popp”,”Edeka Trabolt”, “Edeka Ums Eck”, Bookstore “Neuer Weg”,”Sir Quickly”, “Käsehammer”. Once they´ve sold the most part, if they are interested, they will receive more soaps from us to resell.