Karin Tischer

We visited the „INTER NORGA“ a big international trade fair for gastronomy and hospitality, which is every year in Hamburg, at the 19th March. There we met Karin Tischer, a known, international trend researcher at a lecture about the new food trends. We told her about our soap and gave her one. She thought the idea was great and she was excited about it. She told us she would test the soap and send us her feedback about it.

JUNIOR Messe Regensburg

As every year the JUNIOR fair found place at the Arcaden of Regensburg on the 14th of March 2019. To make our product popular and gain experiences for the state competition in München, we decided to create a booth there. We began with the preparations early. We had to prepare the booth, a Jury interview and a stage presentation. Different paraphernalia were created, texts were learned by heart and the fast and sure construction was practiced. Nothing should go wrong.

We got going early to Regensburg on Thursday the 14th March 2019. Equal we prepared our booth at the Arcaden and ogled our competitors. There were socks collectors and marble mugs or even a website as student companies. The competitors were strong. No question. We informed visitors who were interested in our idea and we could sell 20 soaps as well. We could also talk to a radio interviewer of the radio charivari. Our idea arrived very well and was received enthusiastically. Both the jury interview and the stage spot were very good. After we degraded our booth, we got home tired but very happy about the day and the experiences we earned.

Product testers

Our student company is very active on Instagram. Different product testers made aware of us and wrote us to test our soap and report about it. To get good reviews and more attention, we sent them product samples of our soap. The testers (produkttest_deutschland, snobbylinelifestyle, testmieze and produkttestundalles) convinced of our product and posted their conclusion on Instagram.

Cave of the lions

We are enthusiastic about our product and confident, that we could persuade many people of our product. So, we decided to get a higher level of popularity and wanted to hear the opinion of professionals about our product. We registered at the “cave of the lions”, a founder slideshow at VOX. We as a student company have to keep a taking border, so we don’t want to get a lot of money, we just want to get a higher awareness. Also, we want to commercialize our product in whole Germany, Europe and all over the world. We are now in the registration phase, so we don’t have a safe commitment already. Hopefully we get a positive answer from then and are able to show our product as soon as possible.

Interview with "gründen.würzburg"

We’re on social networks a lot to make our product more popular. There Mr. Carsten Lexa discovered our product and was thrilled. He works with other volunteers on the “gründen.würzburg” initiative. These introduce start-ups in Würzburg through short YouTube videos and on your website to help them get started in business. For the first time “gründen.würzburg” also wanted to introduce a student company. So he wrote us on Facebook and asked if we would like to shoot a small video with him and briefly introduce our company. Of course we wanted, what a question. So we made an appointment from what then after some back and forth sometimes worked. Mr. Lexa came to school on 04.12.2018 to shoot the video discussed. We discussed everything that it should include, then it started. Daniela Vad our administrative assistant conducted the interview with Mr. Lexa. It worked so well during the trial that Mr. Lexa was able to complete the interview and use it. It took only about 30 minutes to build, discuss and execute everything. The video would appear on 17.12.2018 of reasons “Würzburg” on YouTube, Facebook and on your website. We hoped that as many people as possible would see it and be interested in our product. On the day the video was released, we looked at it and shared it eagerly, so everyone could see it.

Here`s the Video from Interview 

Annual general meeting

Our annual general meeting for the student company “seif your life” was at the 15th November 2018.

Christina Henninger planned the annual general meeting, so nothing could go wrong on this day. We wanted to present our product as perfect as possible, because our capital investors (sponsors and shareholders) would be there, to check where they invested their money. We made a Power-Point-Presentation including our product, our company members and the first facts and figures. We presented the presentation in English, because there were exchanged students from Italy and Spain because of the ERASMUS-project at our school. After the presentation we offered coffee and self-made cake. All our visitors had good chats with each other and all of the open questions were clarified. The event was a huge success.

Hotel Sheraton

Our biggest order is now from a big hotel chain in Germany. Our teacher met an employee from the “Sheraton” Hotel in Düsseldorf by chance. She told him about our nice product, the coffee grounds soap. Mr. Langemeyer was interested in our idea and wanted to take our soap as a present for his special guests. After an arrangement with his supervisor, he ordered 270 soaps. We couldn’t send this many soap by post, so Lukes S. (administration) said he could drive to Düsseldorf by train and give them our soap. We packed the soap in a big bag and cushioned it to prevent that they are not damaged. Lukes drove to Düsseldorf and handed over the soap. He told Mr. Langemeyer about our student company and our aims while they were eating. The soap they gave away to their guests arrived well and they were happy for it.