We produce together with “ReVital, Würzburg“ our coffee grounds soap.
“ReViatl” produces the coffee grounds soap especially for us. Then the soap rests for a minimum of 4 weeks.  Following at the resting process we peel and pack the soap.

Here a short sight in our production circle:

1. The peeling.
In other words, we break the edges with a commercial potato peeler on the edges of the soap so that they are smoother in the hand and look better. We collect the remains that accumulate and form small sample products out of them.

2. The signage
Every single soap must have a label that contains the ingredients and their quantities, the expiration date, the product number and our contact details. We have to create these individually, depending on the date of manufacture on the PC, print and cut.

3. The packaging
The packaging must be certified to be considered non-hazardous and to be offered for sale in conjunction with skin products. The paper bags are used by “ReVital” who work with us and have already been certified.